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Ellenville will have no school on Wednesday, October 26 as area first responders and the local hospital all participate in an "Active Shooter Simulation" on the school campus. The public is not invited. Let's pray such training will never be needed in our area. Photo by Lisa Ramirez
Warning: This Is Only A Drill
Ellenville School To Be Site Of Regional Emergency Preparedness Simulation

ELLENVILLE – A school shooting in Ellenville is an unlikely event, Ellenville police chief Phil Mattracion repeated during our conversation hours before a recent "table top meeting" where personnel from the police department would be going over logistics for the upcoming "Active Shooter in the School" drill with Ellenville School District superintendent Lisa Wiles and others.   > MORE

Mamakating Seeks Historical Statuses
Targets Summitville, Phillipsport, Wurtsboro & The D&H Canal
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Questioning The Judge's Decision
Kiryas Joel Annexation Remains A Hot Topic Throughout The Area
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Some NIMBY With That Cider?
Planners Hear Complaints About New Agriculture
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Getting It Right... The Liberal Media
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Heard Around Our Towns...
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Labuda Reportage Doesn't Contain All Facts - Stand Together To Condemn Anti-Semitism - State Convention Is Nothing But A Con - Supports Jack Hayes For Assembly - Believes Trump Is Unfairly Treated By Media - How We Can Be Truly Great - Bill Larkin is there when you need him - Vote Pramilla Malick For Senate Dist. 42 - Citizens Recognize Effective Leaders - Why DoesnÂ’t Stewart Offer More Flights?
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Humanitarian: A Group Of Good From Local Stories...
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