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THURSDAY, MARCH 5, 2015   
Vol 8.10   
Gutter Gutter
It turns out there is a process for questioning new assessments derived from a formal revaluation. Photos by Chris Rowley
Detailing The Wawarsing Reval
Process Is Key, Procrastination The Problem

WAWARSING – Property owners in Wawarsing and Ellenville have received their notices from Maxwell Appraisal Services by now. It seems a majority are looking at increased valuations, and are already worrying about how much higher their property taxes may go. An equally apparent minority, mostly in the Village of Ellenville, are enjoying the opposite emotions, with a lightness to their steps and a song in their hearts.   > MORE

Treanor's Plan
Readying Analytics, Searching For Capital, Lobbying For VLTs
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Region's Schools To Rally Against State Education's Killing By Cuts
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Real Estate - A Tale of Two Ulsters
Word Of Mouth Is The Sole Key To Sales Growth, Though Some Feel The Reval Will Initiate Changes
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New Funding
How A Community Foundation Brought Musical Theater & More Back To RVSD
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Inside the Box: I Am Not My Past...
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What Cuomo Says About Our Schools
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What A Mess! Cuomo's Messing With Education Is Doing None Of Us Any Good
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