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THURSDAY, APRIL 24, 2014   
Vol 7.17   
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Throughout our readership area, school board candidates were ascertained this week, and budget figures pretty much lined up for final hearings and adjustments in the coming weeks. On to the district voting on May 20 now. Photo by Chris Rowley
And The Board Races Are On...
School Candidacies, Budgets Set For May Voting

With budget workshops wrapped up, state aid analyzed, and board candidates now secured as of an April 21 deadline for all petitions passed, local school districts are preparing for regional school board and budget votes coming up on Tuesday, May 20... and meet the candidate events and final budget hearings in the weeks between then and now.   > MORE

IT Questions
Town Board Faces The Politics Of Computer Oversight
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The ETs Are Coming Back Again...
Pine Bush Sets Welcome Mats For UFOs
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Antes On Table
Casino Field Starts To Whittle Down... Nevele Stays Strong!
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Had Enough With The Slow Mail Service?
Town Board Joins In Growing Protest Against Changes
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Inside The Box: A Prisoner Tells His Tale - Maximum to Medium Security: A Step Closer to Home?
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Are The Bloomingburg Town Homes Public? - Sees Fishiness In Casino OK, Moreland Disbanding - School Testing Issues Need To Come First - Believes Progressives Are Misguided Regarding Morality - New York City Isn't Helping Us Out At All - Wants To Do More For Domestic Energy - Congressman Gibson Belies His Image - Solar- & Wind-Only Ideas Aren't Practical - Thinks The County Executive Betrayed His Word! - Recent County Meeting Showed A Lack Of Civility
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Stepping Backwards? Is It So Wrong To Be Affirmative & Helping To Others?
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