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January 2017: Do or Die for the Shawangunk Journal.
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Like all things, the medical world is undergoing major changes... and we're not talking laws or costs, but the ways in which records will be kept henceforth. It turns out that our own Ellenville Regional Hospital is part of a vanguard! Courtesy photo
EMR Comes To ERH
Local Hospital Becomes Key Partner In National
Digitalization Effort

ELLENVILLE – There's a revolution underway in health care data storage and access, and it promises to shake up the way hospitals do business all across the country. And though it concerns data collection and storage, not some new wonder drug, it will affect our interactions with doctors and their back up staff in very positive ways. The revolution comes from Athena Health, a giant, fast growing data networking company.   > MORE

Contentious Jabs Ring In New Year
Supervisor Does Battle With His Town Board
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A Multifaceted State Of The State
Governor Addresses Regions With Regional Speeches
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Questioning Old Rights Of Way
Public Hearing Brings Neighbor Battles To Light
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A Busy Year For The Police In Ellenville
Numbers Up, But Settled Down By Year's End And Without Any Consequence To Village's Rising Tourism
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Heard Around Our Towns...
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Introducing - Put Your Wallet Where Your Loyalty Lies! - No Republican Health Care Replacement - Faso Said He Wouldn't Defund Planned Parenthood - Please Keep Our Local Paper Alive! - Reliable News Coverage Needed In Age Of Trump - Hats Off To Matthew Hattley! - College Free Tuition Plan Has Another Name - In 2017, Resolve To Go Meatless - Think Good Thoughts In This New Year
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May The Force Go With Us All
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