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THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 2016   
Vol 9.25   
This past week was all about moving up, as these pre-K graduates in Ellenville demonstrate. This Friday and Saturday are high school graduations throughout the region! Photo by Lisa Ramirez
Congratulations To The
Class Of '16!
Pre-K Movers Looking To Finish
High School In 2029

REGIONAL – All around the area parents are ordering party trays, getting out their finest suits and ties, summer dresses and all else ripe for graduation time. Already, our kindergartners and pre-K pioneers are beaming for tearful parents at moving up ceremonies. Elementary students have proudly taken that step that lands them in middle school come September.   > MORE

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Are Feral Animals Needing Controls?
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Primary Day!
Deciding Who Gets The Party Nods For Congressional Runs
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Discussing The Value Of Hipster Creativity
New Uses Come Into View For Local Properties
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Hearing On Bloomingburg Permits Adjourned
Developer's Response Hints At Major Legal Complexities
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Turning Criminals Into Victims & Fleecing The Old?
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Getting It Wrong - Betting Always Involves Gambling - Believes One Religion Is The Problem - Counters That Guns Are The Root Of Trouble - Thinks Everyone Should Be Armed - Why Is CMRR Still Running Trains? - Give The Rail Trail 30 Years...
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It's Graduation!
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