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THURSDAY, AUGUST 18, 2016   
Vol 9.33   
Back when James Bond golfed, new courses were being planned all over the world. Same happened with Tiger Woods' rise in the 1990s. Now, its the stalwart golf destinations like those in the Rondout Valley that are not only surviving but thriving as the leisure sport starts to change. Courtesy photo
Not Our Daddies' Sport Any Longer?
Rondout Valley Golf Courses Doing Well

REGIONAL – A lot has been written lately about the decline of golf, leading some to predict doom for the leisurely sport. But on our local level, and especially in the Rondout Valley, things didn't boom so much, and they didn't decline so much in consequence. The only course we've lost in recent times was the eighteen holes at the Nevele, which went away when the resort closed for good... and that didn't have much to do with golf's rise and fall.   > MORE

E'vlle Blasting?
Mining Permit Is Still In The Works
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Hot Night, Hot Words
Heated Board Meeting In A Changing Village
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A Good Summer For The Kids
Swimming, Field Trips, Local Employment... Municipal Camps Are A Community Benefit!
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Moving Beyond Bullying & Hate
Pine Bush Takes Lead In Human Rights Awareness & A District-Wide Rebuttal To Indifference Of All Kinds
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Heard Around Our Towns...
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Little League Rules Need Changing! - Time To Drain The Swamp - High-Speed Internet Is A Must - Sucrose By Any Other Name - Trump's Purple Heart Actions Deplorable? - Believes Clinton Is The Worst - Work Together To Build Local Economy - Comprise These Authors
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A Short Story...
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