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THURSDAY, JUNE 10, 2010   
Vol 3.23   
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Rosendale Theatre Deal Delayed

According to Rosendale Theatre's co-owner Michael Cacchio, "the initial, projected, and hoped-for closing date of Thursday, June 10 is on hold."

No major details could be discussed at this time, but Cacchio wants to confirm the fact that, "The Rosendale Theatre Collective has the full faith, confidence and backing of the Cacchio family." Cacchio said that once some loose ends and final details are worked through there will be a new date established and announced.

It sounds like a long saga with much press about the sale of "just a theater"; however, the Rosendale Theatre is more like a landmark in the eyes of many people. Folks write in to the Theatre's Facebook page daily. They post stories of all types of memories and escapades they had at, what they feel, is a part of their up-bringing…their growing-up.

Emails from long-time patrons — some near and some far state such comments as: "It's truly a sad time. I will miss the Cacchio family immensely."

And then there are communications received from afar — "This place has always had a very special place in my heart. When my great aunt was a young girl (circa 1920's), the theater doubled as a dance hall, and after the 'moving picture show' they would push all the chairs aside and dance! I had my very first date there when I was 14. I always make a point of, at least, driving by if nothing more whenever I go to New York to visit. I pointed it out to my eight-year-old daughter and told her how it had a special place in our families past."

Meanwhile the program formatting at the Rosendale Theatre will continue uninterrupted with the Cacchios planning a first run movie, with local resident actor and Theatre Collective member, Aidan Quinn starting this Friday, June 11.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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