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THURSDAY, MARCH 14, 2013   
Vol 6.11   
Gutter Gutter
The Cable Company

The Cable Company. Need I say more to jump start your anxiety level today? Never before in history has one entity caused the blood pressure of the masses to rise at such an alarming rate that defibulators are needed in abundance. The stress and frustration they cause people would even make a nun curse up a storm. I know this for a fact because my mother almost became a nun and I've heard her (and she never ever swears) drop the F-bomb on one of those snarky customer service reps. So, yes, they could even make a semi-nun curse for sure.

In one loud voice we must stand together like Norma Rae against the unions and say, "We're not gonna take a day off of work to wait between the hours of 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. anymore!" Any other business, whether it's a doctor's office, auto repair shop, or even a beauty salon can give you an exact appointment time so you can plan the rest of the day to make arrangements and juggle your other responsibilities. So what the hell is wrong with the cable company that they gotta give you an eight hour window, holding you hostage in a house with no TV, phone, or internet? It's not rocket science for cryin' out loud! Geez, even a rocket scientist has no problem giving you a decent appointment time you can live with.

Okay, now you're probably wondering what particular instance has caused such vehemence on my behalf at this large conglomerate. Ohhhhhhh...... wait till you hear this. I'm on a phone call with a friend in California I haven't heard from in fifteen years when the line goes dead, the TV shuts off and the internet goes on a coffee break. I call the cable company to find out what the heck is going on only to hear a recording say there's an outage in my area and it should be fixed shortly. Their 'shortly' is usually several hours mind you. So after the outage has been fixed hours later for everyone else in the area it is soooooooo not fixed in my house.

So I had to get in touch with them AGAIN and I'm told that even though it's their mistake I have to wait five days to get someone there to fix it. So I have a meltdown of nuclear proportions and the kids got a kick outta mom using all sorts of profanity they've never even thought up. The woman on the other end saying, "that's the best I can do" over and over again when I know they can do MUCH better to accommodate me, gets me so irate I asked for the supervisor. Oh, them's fightin' words when you ask for the supervisor. (Smirk) Ten minutes later the supervisor gets on the phone and promises me an 8 a.m. service call the next morning and $40 off my bill. Finally, someone that is being rational and understanding the inconvenience they caused me not to mention lost time from work.

Well... the next day rolls around and by 8:30 a.m. when the cable guy didn't show up I call AGAIN and was told that the service call was never put in for 8 a.m. but rather 5 days later which I said I couldn't do AND they said the woman lied because they're not allowed to give $40 off the bill. Can you believe that?! That lying @#$%^&*! My face was as big and red as a tomato and any minute I was gonna burst into a messy spaghetti sauce. I had to take a valium and lie on the floor to get my heart to stop pounding like a jack hammer. I had to threaten a lawsuit to finally get the cable guy to my house that day and they only gave me a lousy $25 off the bill for the problem that THEY CAUSED.

I think I speak for us all when I say to the cable company, "You're gonna be run out of business if you keep this crap up."

Gutter Gutter