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Moving Forward To Dissolution?
Village Discussions To Start Very Soon

ELLENVILLE – With the annual February 28 grievance day just around the corner, village mayor Jeff Kaplan began a new discussion on dissolving the village as a taxing authority during Ellenville's February 13 trustees meeting.

After the town underwent a 2015 revaluation, Kaplan said, the village stayed on as a separate taxing authority. But since the village is interested in saving money where it can, it's ready to "step down."

That move, village manager Joseph Stoeckeler added, would require a public hearing and would eventually be subject to a permissive referendum. It would not affect the February 28 grievance day, when taxpayers can come in and challenge their village tax bills from 4 to 8 p.m. at village hall, this year or next.

In fact, Kaplan added, not much would be taking place on a dissolution move until 2018, Kaplan added.

Discussion will continue at the next meeting on February 27, when village attorney Abby Osgood is in attendance.

In other news, the board held a public hearing to amend the village code regarding discontinued uses. As village code stood, "If a nonconforming use is discontinued for an uninterrupted period of one calendar year or more the building, structure or lot occupied by such nonconforming use shall immediately, thereafter and henceforth be entitled to occupancy only by conforming uses."

A recommendation by village planner Dan Shuster would amend that time frame from one year to two years in the village's industrial zones, and was discussed amongst planning board members and village building inspector Brian Schug before being entertained by the trustee board.

The village's approval of Shuster's recommendation Monday evening will give homeowners in industrial zones an opportunity to sell their homes at more of an advantage.

In addition, trustees approved to repeal village code regarding amusement arcades, which required gaming-like establishments to keep a distance of 200 feet from schools or places of worship and have less than four machines.

Local business owner Sook Yeo of Sook House restaurant on Center Street has brought before the planning board plans to expand her restaurant to include two karaoke machines and a billiards table, with the potential to add more.

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