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Progress On Rt. 209 Bridge in Accord

ACCORD – As the work progresses on the bridge over Rochester Creek just where it joins the Rondout Creek in Accord on Route 209, it is becoming increasingly apparent what a major change this bridge will bring.

The new bridge will be about 18 feet higher than the old one. It will be 402 feet long — a three-span steel girder bridge with 11-foot-wide lanes, and 6-foot-wide shoulders.

The work is being done by ECCO III Enterprises, who were selected by NYS DOT after achieving the highest score on the technical proposal and by demonstrating "best value" with innovative approaches to the project.

DOT spokeswoman Gina DiSarro said, "The project is currently still on schedule with the new bridge expected to be open to traffic early next summer, and the project completely finished by the end of the summer, that is August 2018."

The new bridge is designed to end the flooding issues at that junction. During heavy rains, such as tropical storms Irene and Lee, the water passing down the Rondout backs up the flow coming down the smaller Rochester Creek and the result has been flooding, not only of the road, but also of properties farther upstream.

Since Route 209 is the only real highway linking Kingston to Ellenville and on to Wurtsboro and Route 17, flooding there sends traffic on a long detour, up into Mettacahonts, then down narrow Mill Hook Road to Whitfield and then back to 209 on Whitfield road. An accident on Mill Hook Road could in theory cut the northern half of the valley off from the southern half almost completely. There is an even narrower road, Tow Path Road, from Alligerville down to Rochester on the eastern side of the stream, but putting 16-wheeler trucks onto that is impractical. The new bridge will end that threat.

The work includes new foundations, approach slabs, substructures and superstructures, and redesigned highway approaches, all set within the existing right of way. Drivers using Route 209 will have a whole new view of the heart of the Town of Rochester when the bridge opens next summer.

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