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High Falls Bridge May Be Named After Cairo Davis
Town Board Spearheads Effort to Honor Late Clerk

MARBLETOWN – A discussion of budget dynamics opened the October 4 Marbletown town board meeting. A "tentative" town budget was released to the public, and at the next board meeting, on October 17, a required public hearing on the budget will be set. The preliminary budget must go to Ulster County by October 27 and the final budget is due in by November 21.

Katherine Cairo Davis, beloved town clerk and tax collector for 35 years in Marbletown, who passed away in June of this year, will be remembered, it is hoped, by having the new Route 213 bridge to High Falls named after her.

Heather Moody, current town clerk/tax collector said a petition to that effect could be set up, with sign-ups at town businesses and at town hall. She sought the town board's approval for the concept and the petition. The town will check with Assemblyman Cahill's office to make sure it can be done legally, and then it will go to the DOT for their approval. The board unanimously approved the idea on Tim Sweeney's motion.

Tom Konrad of the Marbletown Environmental Conservation Commission (ECC), suggested Evelyn laFontaine be appointed as a member of the ECC. The board approved this unanimously.

Konrad then brought up the issue of safe disposal of unwanted pharmaceuticals. There is a law, described at the meeting as "weak," currently sitting on Governor Cuomo's desk awaiting his signature. (S6750). The issue is that pharmacy chains have objected to being forced to participate in the disposal of unwanted drugs. Doug Adams, board member, noted that the law offered three possibilities for disposal: 1) Through a receptacle in pharmacies; 2) The same, but in police stations; 3) A mail-in program.

One issue with a mail-in program is that the chain stores might seek to charge customers $2 for handling mailed-in drugs.

For the chains, it should be noted, dealing with unwanted drugs represents a headache. They must be kept secure; the last thing a pharmacy needs is to lose track of handed-in opioids or even antibiotics. And to go with that are legal implications and responsibility.

Supervisor Mike Warren said the town had been considering a draft local law for a while. He added that the state law in front of Governor Cuomo had "pre-emptive language" in it that would override local laws.

Konrad said Cuomo hasn't taken any action yet. Board members Patricia Clark and Tim Sweeney said they were not comfortable taking any action yet, as they had only just seen the proposal and needed time to read it and think it through.

Konrad then brought up the need for an RFP for Mid-Hudson Lighting in the matter of new LED streetlights in the town. While Marbletown is not a major customer in this area, having about fifty streetlights altogether, it is important to sign on by early November. This will mean better support from the providers in the event of problems.

George Dimmler, town highway superintendent reported on the upcoming work on the Mill Dam road bridge. He said the situation there had deteriorated, and it was now a case of "fix it or close it." He said the best bid for the work had come from Advanced Concrete at $214,000, and he wanted to get started right away. The bridge will have to be closed and Tongore Road will become the detour route.

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