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Election 2017!
Some Big Wins, Some Narrow Margins

REGIONAL – New Supervisors will take the helm in all three of our Rondout Valley towns. In county legislative seats, new faces will be showing up in Kingston, along with incumbents.

The rule of thumb remains unchanged in local elections, you cannot afford to lose your major party line and hope to be elected. Wawarsing Supervisor Lenny Distel, who lost the Democratic line to Al Perry, went out with just 446 votes on Tuesday. Perry received 771, and Republican Terry Houck will be the next supervisor after getting 1,247 votes.

Up Rt. 209 in Marbletown, Michael Warren lost the supervisor position to Rich Parete, 976 to 1,158. This followed Warren's surprise loss in the Democratic caucus earlier this year by a single vote. Parete had both the Democratic line and the Republican line, leaving Warren with the Working Families line.

In Rochester, Mike Baden (D) defeated Len Bernardo (R, Con, Ind, Ref) 1,365 to 900 votes.

In our other coverage areas, there were no surprises in town supervisor races, or town council races. John Valk will continue in the supervisor slot in Shawangunk. Bill Hermann will do the same down in Mamakating. Charlie Carnes was unopposed in the Town of Crawford, and Jeanne Walsh was unopposed in Rosendale.

At the top of the ticket on Tuesday for Ulster County, Democrat Julian Schreibman beat Peter Crummey for State Supreme Court Justice 24,729 to 17,391. Elliott Auerbach retained his County Comptroller post, unopposed with 32,393 votes, and Nina Postupack remains County Clerk, again she was unopposed and received 30,622 votes.

In the races for legislative seats, Democrat Julius Collins won in the 15th, with 787 votes to Cassie Spoor's 453 on the Republican, Conservative and Independent lines. In the 14th, newcomer Andrew Zink (D) lost to incumbent Craig Lopez (R) 298 to 595. In the 21st, Lynn Archer (D) beat incumbent Ronald Lapp (R) in a tight race 1,282 to 1,232. Farther up Route 209, Heidi Haynes (R) defeated Douglas Adams (D) 1,522 to 1,368.

And up in the 22nd district, John Parete demonstrated the power of the Parete name by winning that seat with 1,038 votes, despite having just the Conservative and Independent lines. Kathy Nolan, the Democrat had 1,018, and Cliff Faintych on the Republican line had 748.

Over in Orange County, in the 18th legislative district, Republican Rob Sassi defeated Roseanne Sullivan (D) 2,541 to 1,592. This completes the sweep of public offices in the Town of Crawford for the GOP.

Town council seats did not bring any surprises. In Crawford, the Republican incumbents won with the usual 2 to 1 advantage in votes, thus Dan Flanick and Mike Menendez will return to the town board, and Kelly Eskew will be there, too, having beaten Andrea Nilon for the remaining two years on the seat vacated by Sue Jackowski last year.

In Shawangunk, Adrian DeWitt and Matt Watkins were unopposed.

In Wawarsing, the Democrats Roger Buchwalter and T.J. Briggs won, 1,384 and 1,145, respectively, to Republicans Paul McAndrews 981 and Eric E. Friedman Sr.'s 729. John Burns, school board member, received 381 votes.

In the Village of Ellenville, Patricia Steinhoff and Efrain Lopez, both on the Democratic line, were reelected, with 580 and 451 votes respectively, the only opposition coming from Jesse Gaeta on the Independence Party line with 154 votes.

In Rochester, Bea Haugen-Depuy (D, C) and Chris Hewitt (D, Green and WF) beat Michael Sommer (R, C and I) and Randall Wynkoop (R and Ind) by 1,324 and 1,129, to 1,036 and 875.

In Marbletown, Democrats Donald Lafera and Eric Stewart will take the places of Doug Adams and Patricia Clark, who stepped down this year. Lafera garnered 1,314 votes, Stewart, 1,345. Daniel Proctor on the Republican line had 860.

In Mamakating, the Rural Heritage Party showed its strength. From Bill Herrmann on down, with only one exception, RHP candidates won every contest. Ward 1, Matt Taylor, Ward 2, George Vest, Ward 3, Christine Saward, Ward 4, Brenda Giraldi, Ward 5, Patrick Keller. Only in Ward 6, where Nicholas Salomone on the R, C and Ind. lines beat Katherine Roemer on the D and RHP by 229 to 187 was the Rural Heritage candidate defeated.

In the few competitive races for Town Justice, Democrat Paul Shaheen defeated Vincent Nigro, 1,334 to 922 in Rochester. In Rosendale, William Pape, the Democrat beat Thomas Briggs, 1,072 to 733. Justice Wayne Lonstein was returned unopposed in Wawarsing. Over in Orange County, in Crawford, Bryan Kulak had 1,807 votes, defeating Mark Schuh, 1,711. Both candidates had the Republican, Con and Ind. lines. In Mamakating, Terrence Mullen defeated Democrat Cynthia Dolan, 2,030 to 1,393.

In races for Town Highway Superintendents, all incumbents won, most were unopposed. In Rochester, Tony Spano saw off Karl Baker's challenge, 1,248 to 995. George Dimler received 1,893 votes in Marbletown, Tony Paes will continue as superintendent in Wawarsing, and Larry Marshall will do the same in Crawford. Mamakating's Highway Superintendent Riley Platt III, was also returned.

On ballot proposals, the County Proposition for Monroe/Kiryas Joel in Orange County — passed 8,656 to 1,749 and will allow for a new town, called Palm Tree to be set up.

The statewide proposals: in Ulster County, Proposition 1 — holding a Constitutional Convention was voted down: 38,071 to 5,626.

Proposition 2 — allowing forfeiture of pensions of public officers convicted of certain felonies was favored 34,872 over 8,316; and Proposition 3, creating land accounts from forest preserve land for use by towns with no viable alternatives, narrowly passed 24,128 to 18,308.

In Orange County, Proposition 1 was rejected 66,324 to 8,482. Proposition 2, was accepted 45,930 to 26,251 and Proposition 3 was accepted narrowly again, 35,621 to 34,765.

Throughout New York State, Proposition 1 was defeated 2,745,899 to 553,960. Proposition 2 was passed 2,320,833 to 869,218; and Proposition 3 passed 1,619,228 to 1,497,501.

All numbers are unofficial, and may change slightly.

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