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Thank You So Much, Dear Readers,
For Your Continued Support!
Local Throws Hat In The Ring For VP

New York State has always prided itself on serving the rights of humans, in all their various shades and genders. We were the main supporters of the Union during the Civil War and earned the title of abolitionists when a system of slavery on American soil was ended. 100 years ago, on November 6th, 1917 New York State adopted women's suffrage to its Constitution. With the Federal Constitution not adopting it until 1920 it seems like another proud moment for NYS, but instead it points out the worst sin in New York State history ever committed. One that has not fully been rectified. How could the state where Lady Liberty stands be responsible for the biggest atrocity in Women's American history? Well we are. In 1777, New York State became the first state to take away the right to vote from women. The struggle that women have faced since this country was founded and still are facing right now was created by this decision. I was not around in the 1860's when New Yorkers proudly earned the nickname Yankees for walking around with pride over abolishing a form of slavery. I seek to earn my Yankee pinstripes in 2020 by helping women abolish the slavery they are struggling against right now. So how do I start that process?

Since I will be 35 in 2020 I start by announcing my candidacy for Vice President of the United States. Kingston not only was our first capital as a state but was the capital in 1777, the year women had their right to vote taken. Right now, Kingston was one of 36 cities in the world that participated in the historic Women's Equality Day on 8/26/17. It has an energy of progressivism making it the perfect place to launch a national and international campaign for women's equality.

I believe in one concrete idea for the 2020 campaign: Our first female President. I nominate KIRSTEN GILLIBRAND to be the one I serve, but really anyone can be her Vice President. She is accomplished, honest, and has made the Hudson Valley become an internationally relevant area once again. Her resume of accomplishments speaks for itself. I challenge Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton to end the divisiveness that plagued the Democratic Party in 2016 by putting their support behind her right now. Clinton, in particular, has been in multiple places publicly saying she wants to help the next generation of politicians help gain recognition and attention. Why not Gillibrand?

"Alone we are vulnerable. Together unstoppable. Gillibrand and Humphrey 2020" Put that thought in your head and let's make it a reality when we celebrate the 100-year anniversary of women's suffrage this next election cycle.

Kyle Humphrey

Nevele Schoolhouse Will Be Chapel

I subscribe to the Journal and don't receive the newspaper until the following week. So, I go online and look at the current publication. However, it seems now the website doesn't publish the recent news when the paper is distributed. I assume this is by design. If you feel it is necessary to charge for an online subscription like the Record and Freeman then do so. But for me living out of town and subscribing to the newspaper it's nice to look online until I receive the newspaper at home. Just a thought.

I appreciate you publishing my letter. I received an email from Michael Treanor and they plan to create a wedding chapel from the one room schoolhouse. Even though this will save the structure I find it sad that the schoolhouse won't be put to the best use for the community. There are very few opportunities to save a real piece of history and the one room schoolhouse is a beautiful building and should be preserved for what it is was originally intended for. I hope the day will come the Town of Wawarsing will see the importance of saving this building for its intended use.

No doubt the excitement is overflowing with joy of the news about the Nevele and the village will have the opportunity to rebound from decades of decay. I only hope some forward vision will take place to create a vibrant business district.

Jack Godfrey, President
Committee for Catskill Resort Museum, Inc.

Dead Ash Trees

The Ash Borer did his job. Dead Ash trees line the roadways and power lines. It doesn't take much wind (or snow load) for the trees or their branches to come down. Two power outages in October — one for 17 hours. Surely a hardship for many. And the power went out again on November 3. It could be avoided if Central Hudson and the Hwy. Dept. trim the trees! Thanks.

Alan Belofsky
High Falls

Family Services Event Was A Great Success

It is said that you can't understand a person's experience until you walk a mile in their shoes. On October 14th, hundreds in our community joined together at All Sport Health & Fitness to do just that! As morning mist gave way to sunshine, we walked together to declare solidarity in the struggle to eliminate gender violence and to raise funds for the work of Family Services. By all measures, Family Services 7th Annual Walk A Mile event was a great success. We met our fundraising goal and most importantly, the message was clear — we must all work together to end the epidemic of sexual assault, domestic abuse and gender violence that affects thousands of our family and friends each year.

Health Quest has been Family Services' leadership partner throughout the year and was presenting sponsor for Walk A Mile. Our Walk A Mile partner, All Sport Health & Fitness generously shared their beautiful Outdoor Club and enthusiastic staff. Michelle Barone-Lepore and Mike Davis served as event co-chairpersons.

Thanks to our media sponsors, Mix 97 and the Southern Dutchess News, and to our event sponsors, participants, and supporters, over $65,000 was raised to benefit Family Services and its mission to help families and individuals help themselves through direct services, collaboration and advocacy. As we provide services to over 8,500 adults, children, and families throughout Dutchess, Orange and Ulster Counties, we can only do so with the incredible support exemplified at Walk A Mile 2017.

Our heartfelt thanks go to the volunteer planning committee and staff. On behalf of Family Services and the Board of Directors we thank you all.

Whitney Humphrey
Director of Development
Family Services

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