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2018-12-11 15:31:03   
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The Railroad Is An Asset

KINGSTON – Regarding the letter: The untold railroad story, from a musician’s perspective," by Ben Rounds: It makes a lot sense. His support of the Catskill Mountain Railroad reminds me of recent actions by the U.S. Congress increasing the taxes of so many citizens in our country. The members of Congress who support raising our taxes and the members of the Ulster County Legislature removing the railroad tracks have a similar mindset.
In Ulster County, one of our assets is the funds we collect from tourism. The Catskill Mountain Railroad proved time and time again that they attract tourists like flies to honey. Tourists have money and they’re not afraid to spend it. When they visit the Kingston area, the money they spend in hotels, restaurants and shopping is felt throughout the county, not just in Kingston.

Maybe it’s time for the Ulster County voters to replace those legislators who seem to dislike the Catskill Mountain Railroad.

John P. Heitzman

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