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2018-01-11 16:40:53   
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Thank You So Much, Dear Readers,
For Your Continued Support!
A Local Library Challenges Its Patrons

PINE BUSH – Have you ever asked yourself, "What is a library?" To different people, a library can be different things. You might say it’s a place you go to borrow books or DVD’s. Or, it’s a location where you can use a public computer or maybe a place to access your own electronic devices to Wi-Fi. A library is a location where you can attend an informational program or perhaps a place to bring your preschooler for story time. A library is a place where you go to connect with your community, or maybe it’s just a quiet respite where you are able to escape and leave the hustle and bustle of life behind for a while. Or maybe simply defined, a library is a place where people go to find a good story!

In 2017, the Pine Bush Area Public Library challenged its patrons to find a good story by reading more books throughout the year … precisely 48 new books over a 12-month period, broken down to reading 4 books per month. The program was officially called "The 2017 Pine Bush Area Library Reading Challenge." To carry out this challenge, the library devised a grid card of 48 book categories which each "challenger" had to follow. Some of the 48 categories included reading a book that had a color in its title, a book based on a true story, a book set in a different country, or a book that had won a Pulitzer Prize. To keep the "challengers" motivated along the way, an extra incentive was added to assure that they would get to the finish line! Those people who completed reading four books for the month became eligible for a monthly raffle prize drawing. This proved to be the key to keep the reading momentum alive and strong.

By the end of December 2017, the Pine Bush Area Library estimated that a combined total of approximately 1,000 new books had been read by all the "challengers" who participated in the "Reading Challenge."

The Pine Bush Area Library wishes to thank the following local business establishments for their generosity and support by donating gift certificates for the monthly drawings: Town Hall Eatery, Cup & Saucer Diner, Hermann’s Erie Hotel, The Bruynswick Inn, Pizza, Plus, Tosco’s Pizzeria, Holeshot Eatery, The Hoot Owl, Larry’s Chinese Restaurant, Hearts and Flowers Florist, and Val U Time Tru Value Hardware.
Please remember to visit the Pine Bush Area Library and Community Center next time you’re in town. Stay for a while, and discover exactly what the library means to you.

Karen Fox
Adult Program Coordinator
Pine Bush Area Library

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