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2018-04-12 11:09:17   
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Faso And Gun Control

BEARSVILLE – On Tuesday April 3 I attended a public meeting that was organized by Pat Ryan who is running for Congress from our 19th District. It was held at the Kingston Library on Franklin Street and the purpose was to discuss the urgent need for gun control. That building was once Public School #8 where I attended Kindergarten through 5th grade and I have not been inside of it in 68 years. However, the minute I entered intense memories of myself and my little friends poured in with amazing clarity. I remembered faces, names, class rooms, teacher and incidents; all of us beginning our lives in childhood innocence. Then suddenly, because this had been such a meaningful part of my life, I had a horrifying mental image of what it would have been like back then (years 1946 to 1950) if someone had walked through that school with an assault rifle blowing all of us apart. There would have been walls and floors soaked with blood and body parts, a nightmare of screaming and agony, dead or mangled bodies of my friends and possibly myself everywhere. Had I been lucky enough to survive I would have been mentally scarred for life. There’s an infinite distance between reading about something or seeing it on TV and having a direct visceral experience of the terror as I did. Having to live through an actual reality like that, which has happened to so many thousands of people in our country, is unthinkable.

The Republican Party, of which our current Representative John Faso is a member and to which he is a slave, consistently opposes any form of national gun control including a ban on assault rifles. What in the world is Faso thinking about? What goes through his head? He will not discuss the matter in public. He remains hidden in complete silence while our society become less reasoned and more depraved every day. In my mind any politician who refuses to work for fair but meaningful gun laws should be charged with complicity to commit murder every time anyone dies from being shot by a military type weapon anywhere in the United States.

On a daily basis Mr. Faso exhibits the opposite of leadership. If you want to live in a sane and civilized world never vote for him again, ever, particularly in this coming November election.

Ralph Moseley

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