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2018-04-12 11:11:31   
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Is Civil Discourse Impossible?

KINGSTON – I attended the April 3, 2018, meeting of the Kingston Common Council. On the agenda was a memorializing resolution, with no force of law, asking the state and federal governments to address the problem of gun violence.

There were a lot of high school kids there and some of them — all girls — spoke eloquently about their fear and anger and hope that the people who represent them would protect them.

There was also a large group of adults — all men — who were vehement in their opposition. One even said that anyone who voted for the resolution should resign from the government because they were sworn to uphold the Constitution and a "yes" vote would be an attack on that document. Many of the resolution’s opponents also implied that the students were being bullied and manipulated into their positions.

I am in awe of these students and terrified of these men.

And, honestly, I feel kind of hopeless, because civil discourse seems impossible and people are just going to keep dying.

Sarah Wenk

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