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2018-05-11 09:50:27   
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Ramirez One Of Our Area’s ‘Brightest Lights’

ALBANY – It’s rare that a local school community gets the opportunity Ellenville has on Tuesday, May 15, when they can cast their votes for Lisa Ramirez for school board. I got to know Lisa while editing this newspaper over a five-year period, as both a writer and photographer, and one of the most community-minded people I met in this community-minded school district. Having covered a number of school districts, and many school board elections throughout the region, I’ve found that candidates with journalistic training bring great skills to the policy, program, and budget oversight we want from a school board. They know how to read complex situations, listen to various constituencies, research all the ramifications of a proposal, and also bring new ideas to the table. In Lisa Ramirez’s case, proven through her years working with BOCES, this newspaper, and writing insightful columns for the Times Herald Record and other publications, she’s proven herself one of the area’s brightest lights. Plus, she’s funny, and has the trust of our kids... who are, after all, the true beneficiaries of our educational concerns. I give Lisa Ramirez my full support for Ellenville school board in the May 15 election.

Paul Smart

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