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2018-05-11 09:56:49   
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Questions For Ellenville School Board

NAPANOCH – Its School Board election season again and it’s time to have a discussion of the issues. I’m sitting this one out but usually all I want to do is just that. It’s time that there was a greater probing of the candidates as to where they actually stand and what are the interest factors that govern them.

For example, do they have relatives that work for the school? What are their ambitions as to careers in education both for themselves and their relations? Is the answer to everything putting more money into people’s pockets? Is it time to say enough is enough for those whose salaries are over a hundred thousand a year? Which is not an inconsiderable proportion. What about transparency in negotiating contracts?

I have often put forward the idea that the design of contracts is a way to reform tenure at the local level rather than depend on it coming from the Dictate of the almighty state. Simply stop raising salaries and make all future increases attached to discretionary work increments. What about having people starting out in mixed positions, part teacher and part teacher aide and tenure them one piece at a time. I would like to know what the candidates think of these ideas.

Francis Gurgui

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