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2018-07-05 11:57:22   
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Water Conservation In Pine Bush

PINE BUSH – In recent years, citizens in the Hamlet of Pine Bush have experienced a decline in municipal water quality. As this publication has reported, current wells are operating at maximum capacity and the Town of Crawford and Orange County are coordinating on proposed upgrades.

While our municipal entities do their due diligence to find the financial resources to build and design new wells and connections, I’d like to call on my fellow residents to be part of the solution. I believe there is a collective responsibility of the residents of Pine Bush to use less water, especially during these summer months.

Sure, we all know the classic strategies: don’t let the water run while we brush our teeth or wash dishes, take shorter showers, line-dry laundry. But how often do we actually practice these simple habits? How often do we turn the faucet on full blast, when a slower flow rate would accomplish the same task just as easily?

Other water saving strategies can be found online with a simple search and include things like low-flow fixtures, rain barrels, and low-demand landscaping. But even without an investment in these strategies, changing habits is an investment by lowering your water bill.

More importantly, lowering our use gives the Town and County more time to find the most cost-efficient solution, which is an investment in our community.

Kyle Andrew Sitzman
Pine Bush

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