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2018-07-06 09:36:41   
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Separating Families Is A Part Of American History

HURLEY – I do not agree with separating law-abiding families entering the United States, but it has been done, unfortunately, since the inception of our beloved country.

Were the Africans who were sent here as slaves asked if they had a family? Indeed, many slave families were routinely separated to different plantations.

Did the young children sent as indentured servants arrive with families? No.
In the early 1900s, immigrant families arriving at Ellis Island were given rigorous physical and mental tests. If one child was deemed to have bad eyesight or seemed a little dull, the family either had to return to their native country or send the unfortunate child back, and many did so.

That is why history is so important, and it is being neglected today.

William Clogston

Gutter Gutter