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FEBRUARY 20, 2020   
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A lot has been done and a lot more is in the works.
Is Ellenville Getting Better?
Local Initiatives You Might Have Missed

ELLENVILLE – If you haven’t kept up with the various town or village board meetings, you might not be aware of just how many initiatives are currently happening in Ellenville and greater Wawarsing, in an attempt to improve life here: from state-of-the-art water systems to, finally, the cleanup of the burned out auto dealership, and more.   Take, for example, the village’s current pursuit of a $10 million downtown revitalization grant, which could help revitalize the storefronts on Center Street, upgrade some of the work that still needs to be done at Stoeckeler Memorial Park, and possibly add some new trail connections and tourism opportunities.   > MORE

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