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2018-07-23 13:59:10   
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Albino Woodchuck Visits Middletown

MIDDLETOWN – An albino woodchuck was spotted in Orange County this week. Albino animals are extremely rare. It is believed that for every 10,000 mammals born, only one will be albino.

On Sunday, July 8, Dr.Paramjeet Singh of Orange Regional Medical Group spotted the rare albino woodchuck in Middletown.

Albinism can have a few disadvantages for mammals. For one, they will clearly be more visible to predators. The lack of pigmentation can also affect the vision of the animal, which makes it harder to find food and avoid danger. Also, some animals use color to attract mates so an albino animal would also be at a disadvantage here.

The very rare albino woodchuck is definitely a cute sight to see!

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