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2018-10-25 10:38:59   
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The Clean Green Choice

SHAWANGUNK – Come Election Day, we New Yorkers have an opportunity to decide if we want to continue to heat up the planet, and poison ourselves, our aquifers, air, land, and hence our food, or if we would like to do ourselves and the environment a big favor and switch to clean green renewable energy by 2030 at the latest, and in the meantime, commit to no more fossil fuel projects.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Molinaro wants to bring fracking to New York. Incumbent Democrat Governor Cuomo wants to open several more toxic frack fuel plants in in the state, including CPV in Orange County, Glidepath/Lincoln Park in Ulster, and Cricket Valley in Dutchess, all with their concomitant frack fuel pipelines. CPV has been violating court orders and operating illegally but without incurring real penalty. Meanwhile residents in the area have been suffering from sickening fumes and from loud noises at all hours in the greater Middletown area. That plant, like all the others, has the full backing of Cuomo, whose top aide Percoco received hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes from CPV executives.

Meanwhile, we have life-long peace, justice, and planet advocate, Howie Hawkins, on the Green party gubernatorial line, running for green renewable energy in the state by 2030, no new frack fuel plants or pipelines in the meantime, raising the minimum wage to a living wage, and supporting real education rather than corporations that push invalid standardized tests.

Regarding the state Comptroller slot, incumbent Dem Thomas DiNapoli has stated publicly that he will not divest NYS pension funds from toxic fuel corporations such as Exxon Mobil. Green Party Comptroller candidate Mark Dunlea, a long-term environmental activist ( and council member from Poestenkill, has pledged to investigate the cash flow between the Cuomo administration and the toxic fuel companies, as well as to divest from toxic fuel companies.

Greens certainly can win, but only if people vote for them. A Green Revolution is possible simply by filling in the correct circles (the Green ones) on Election Day. How easy is that?! You don’t need to settle for ‘the lesser evil’ — if indeed such exists — when the greater good is clearly running.

Barbara Kidney

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