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2019-03-14 11:21:26   
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Inside The Gray Barn inn.
Stunning New ‘Gray Barn’ Inn At Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

HIGH FALLS – What must be the most unique and stunning new lodging in the area is about to open next month on Lucas Turnpike, at the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. Called ‘The Gray Barn’ this boutique inn has five rooms, each named for an animal at the sanctuary, and it invites folks to experience a truly immersive and unforgettable experience.

Opening officially on April 1, The Gray Barn is captivating with its modern, elegant design, clean lines and uncluttered appearance. Every single aspect of the experience has been thought through. Everything is green/sustainable and if at all possible, local. The mugs are from local artisans. The tables are handmade locally, everything from the bedding to the shampoos to the toilet paper are all from sustainable, cruelty-free and environmentally-conscious companies — even the company that deep cleans the rooms is local and eco-friendly.

The Gray Barn reprises the overnight guesthouse that the Sanctuary had at its former location in Willow, NY. That was on a smaller scale, but offered overnight stays for guests.

Lizz DeFeo, Marketing and Communications manager for the Sanctuary said, “We wanted to create a really special, completely unique and unforgettable Sanctuary experience. We received a grant to build the inn from a funder who wanted to make sure we continued to be sustainable for years to come...” Now that it’s about to open, DeFeo adds with excitement, “We’ve been planning this project for the last three years!”

And it all goes to the root of the Sanctuary mission. “We are creating a space where people can fall in love with farmed animals.” And currently, there are 380 rescued farmed animals at Woodstock Sanctuary. Like Clyde, the big white rooster, who is friendly and likes people, or Colin and Woody, the rescued dairy calves, who are a year old now and will live to twenty at the Sanctuary. In the world of dairy, they would have died long ago. At our sneak peak on Saturday, we communed with lovable goats Tuesday, Raymond, and Tova.

Outside the inn, guests will step into the Sanctuary and take a tour in which they will meet some of the rescued animals. For many people, visits to the Sanctuary provide the first and only opportunity they have ever had to actually meet these kinds of animals. And meeting them like this brings an increasing consciousness of the complex, difficult issues of what we eat, how it is produced, and what it costs, not just in terms of money, but in pain and misery.

At the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, visitors can now stay overnight and really immerse themselves in what DeFeo calls “the full Sanctuary experience.” And this aligns with existing programs for humane education and volunteerism. Beyond that, The Gray Barn will be available for vegan weddings and other third party events. And all guests who stay there are treated to a vegan breakfast.

Leigh Goldstein, Hospitality Coordinator for the Sanctuary says, “By staying here, you are helping us rescue and care for hundreds of amazing beings. We are so happy to be able to invite people in to see the Sanctuary the way we see it, every time of day and in every season."

The Gray Barn officially opens on April 1, and costs $250 per night, rising to $275 in the summer months. Bookings are being taken now, call 845-247-5700, or visit the website

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